Reactive Dyes ( M-Brand, Vinyl-Sulphone/Ramazol, H-Brand, HE-Series
                         and ME-Series )
Direct Dyes, Direct Dyes Matching Shades, Azo-Free Direct Dyes and Chloretine Sunfast Direct Dyes
Basic and Cataionic/Acrylic Dyes
Acid, Acid Milling, Acid TPM, Chrome Series, Metal-Complex Dyes and Non Discharege Series
Liquid Dyes
Pigment emulsions and matching of pigment emulsions
Pigment powders (Organic, Inorganic and Fluorescent) and Oil Colours
Disperse Dyes and Acetate Dyes
Enzymes and Desizers for Textile Industry
Dye-Intermediates and Auxiliaries
Pre Treatment Auxiliaries
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Printing Auxiliaries.
Finishing Auxiliaries

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